Montag, 7. Mai 2007

Home-Link in Navigation Panel

Rarely used but very efficient is the HOME-Link integrated in the Navigation Panel:
<--- in the middle of the 8 arrows you'll fine an additional mark: the HOME-Link

It helps to go back to the HOME settings defined in the respective function

mapview.setHomeMap(mpoint, nZoom);

How to achive this ?

See the example code as below:

var mapview;

function showMap()
var baseURL = "http://""/mapviewer";
var mapCenterLon = -122.45;
var mapCenterLat = 37.7706;
var mapZoom = 3;
var mpoint = MVSdoGeometry.createPoint(mapCenterLon,mapCenterLat,8307);
mapview = new MVMapView(document.getElementById("map"), baseURL);
mapview.addBaseMapLayer(new MVBaseMap("mvdemo.demo_map"));



mapview.setHomeMap(mpoint, 2);


mapview.addCopyRightNote("©2006 powered by oracle(tm)");





Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2007

Basemap and 5 FOI Layers - Styles by Mapbuilder

Without "programming" and with just little expertise in the "Mapbuilder" and in "Oracle Maps" this is possible:
1 Basemap mit counties and sub-districts
5 FOI layers:
- customers with sales
- counties "Freistaaten" (lightgreen-transparent),
- other counties (green, transparent),
- Hansestadt Hamburg (yellow)
- APEX Selectlist: customer sales styles: variable points and bars

Cooming soon: "How To Tipps".....