Freitag, 20. April 2007

FOI's and Performance


when experiencing performance issues consider this:

The more FOIs you display, the higher the overhead in the client browser.
The solution is to limit the number of FOIs to be displayed based on the zoom level.
Check out methods like:

* foiLayer.setMinVisibleZoomLevel(2);

This sets the minimum zoom level at which FOIs become visible. Above that level, the FOIs are not shown at all.

* foiLayer.setMaxWholeImageLevel(3);

This sets the level up to which FOIs are rendered as a
single image, so consuming less resources in the browser. After that level, they are rendered as individual images.

* foiLayer.setMinClickableZoomLevel(5);

This sets the level from which the FOIs are clickabke. Above that level, they are visible but not clickable. Check also

* setQueryWindowMultiplier(1)

By setting this to 1, Mapviewer will only return those FOIs that strictly fit in the current map window. The default it 2, which means that Mapviewer returns FOIs that fit twice the area.

Thanks to Albert Godfrind for pointing me to this !

An example will follow as soon as I have tested this ! stay tuned !

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